TEAMPOWER™ is the trade mark of SPT – Empresa de Trabalho Temporário, S.A. The company was formed in 1993 and since then it has been committed to collaborating with those companies which are its clients in their growth, meeting their occasional human resources requirements whilst promoting and monitoring the careers of the professionals which work with it.

TEAMPOWER™ is physically located in Portugal with its offices and recruitment centres, but the scope of its activity extends throughout Europe. A team of sales staff and an international logistics department ensure monitoring in the field of clients and employees in each of the countries where it carries out operations.

It has an available workforce of over 20,000 professionals, distributed amongst the fields of intervention where it acts, annually taking approximately 1,000 employees.

Its ability to act globally enables clients and employees to focus their efforts on their professional activity. To this end, it assumes the responsibility for devising and carrying out human resources logistics, meaning that all the processes are part of a natural growth strategy.


At European level, TEAMPOWER™ is geared towards the recruitment, selection and temporary placement of labour and management staff.

The high degree of sectorial specialisation and consequent knowledge of the business of its clients makes TEAMPOWER™ a reference in this area and a privileged partner when choosing a temping company.

Its long tradition in the international posting of workers has enabled it to develop knowledge and experience which are well above the average, endowing it with the competences required to solve the most difficult professional posting situations.

Its unique modus operandi, by way of a system which includes logistical support, constant monitoring and the ongoing evaluation of Human Resources, allows high level of profitability to be attained. Concurrently, this logic facilitates the integration of workers in new social contexts and milieu, leading to the emotional stability of the employee and his permanence.


The Mission of TEAMPOWER™ is to provide a specialised professionals assignment service, acting with dynamism and consequent speed of response, thereby meeting the labour and management requirements in the markets on which it operates.


To this end it assumes a commitment to respecting the Moral Principles and Values which guide it and which enable it to sustain its growth;