TEAMPOWER® has won over the trust of a large number of companies, supporting their projects by supplying qualified labour geared towards their specific requirements.

As a result of its reputable, professional approach to its activity, it has a wide portfolio of clients in the construction sector which includes some of the largest companies nationwide and worldwide.

In Portugal it is involved in 4 of the 7 largest national companies. Through these construction companies and their consortia, TEAMPOWER® is thus able to include in its curriculum its participation in projects like repair and conservation work on the April 25th Bridge, the construction of motorways on the Western coastline and motorways in the Coastal Douro area, the new hospital in Braga, the rehabilitation of the Souselas cement plant, the modernisation of the Évora railway line or the underground system in Mondego. TEAMPOWER®’s experience also includes works such as the increase in power at the Bemposta and Salamode dams or the modernisation of schools involving work on several schools.

In the metallomechanic sector too TEAMPOWER® has been involved with clients of varying sizes and areas. It has worked on major projects like the modernisation of the century-old Nacional/Cerealis factory in Lisbon or on other less visible projects like workshop assignments, the production of machines for the food industry or machine and structure maintenance.

Internationally, TEAMPOWER® has been the first choice of a wide range of entities, regardless of their size, having already taken part in various projects, from public works – such as roads in Paris or the construction of sports’ complexes – as well as the construction of residential buildings, to the specific nature of carpentry works for the remodelling of shops for luxury brands.

Clients Satisfaction

The SPT service allows common needs deriving from the daily activity of companies to be overcome:

  • Lack of professionals in a given region;
  • Posting to places outside the habitual operating area;
  • Additional volume of work and consequent increase in the number of employees;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Boosting company growth without running unnecessary risks.

SPT is an added value for companies, playing the role of a business partner which has notable advantages:

  • Employees from the renowned Portuguese school
  • A complete service from recruitment to the monitoring of workers in the field
  • Speed of the process
  • Specialisation in the construction, Public works and Metallomechanics sectors
  • Quality and experience of the temporary workers made available
  • Streamlining of Financial Management – Only the actual time worked is charged for.
  • Added Profitability – Performance monitoring and follow-of each employee individually, results in higher profitability.
  • Convenience – All the logistics and bureaucracy are the responsibility of SPT.
  • Peace of mind – Reduction in the negative impact of imponderables
  • Confidentiality – Assurance of confidentiality in all processes
  • Safety – Compliance with all the requirements of the Law
  • Trust – A partner who understands your business
  • Experience – Consolidated experience in the international posting of workers.