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Sectorial Specialisation

One of the success factors of TEAMPOWER™ and an important premise for safer decision-making.

TEAMPOWER™ acts on the European market, focusing only in the activity sectors which specialises. This policy allows an in-depth knowledge of the specific aspects and requirements of each sector, as well as of the individual characteristics of each of its constituent professions.

This orientation combined with an in-depth knowledge of the sector allows efficiency to be increased, process optimisation and the reduction of costs and placement times. Concurrently, it enables the construction of a permanently up-to-date data base with the best professionals in each area.

For you this specialisation means more efficient and productive placement and recruitment processes, with less risks and fairer prices.

The sectorial focus also facilitates the bringing together of a portfolio with the best professionals on the market in each trade.

In addition to these benefits are the advantages of having a partner who understands your business and speaks your language.

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Professional Value

Providing the best prepared, most suitable and best professionals involves identifying, enhancing and making loyal more competent, dedicated workers.

TEAMPOWER™ is looking for employees with more work experience and preferably those who have favourable, credible professional references.

All those employees placed have basic experience in the post they intended to perform, varying in accordance with the level of complexity of the post and the professional level required.

Each professional is also provided with training opportunities which lead to the expansion of their knowledge and the enrichment of their curricula, clearly contributing to improving their performance in the field.

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Process Integration

An integrated service for leasing the services of experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable employees.

This is a complete, turnkey service, ready to use, which enables the client to focus solely on matters directly related with the works or project which they have in hand.

For the employee, all the necessary conditions are put in place for a comfortable stay outside his country, enabling him to focus all his attention and willingness on the smooth performance of his work, solely concentrating on the tasks requested of him.

With this objective in mind, TEAMPOWER™ takes total responsibility which would otherwise lie with the client company and the employee individually.

TEAMPOWER™ also assumes all the costs involved in the inherent management for each employee, such as the recruitment and selection process, the carrying out of medical exams, the drafting of employment contracts, social security registration, wage payment and processing, the taking out of personal accident insurance, professional training or the supply of protection equipment.

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Personalised Guidance

A production and logistics department based in the country of destination ensures a personalised monitoring system for temporary staff in the field.

All the necessary logistical conditions are safeguarded for the good performance of these employees such as accommodation, the appropriate means of transport and suitable protection equipment.

Full personalised monitoring affords easier integration into new social and cultural surroundings and into the companies receiving them.

All necessary help is provided to the temporary employee team so they can feel at home and free to carry out their duties. They frequently also serve as go-betweens between the temps themselves and as the liaison between the latter and the parties involved, clients and TEAMPOWER™.

In addition, this system directly enables in individualised, continuous fashion the evaluation in the field of the performance of each employee. This immediacy allows corrective measures to be implemented in real time to improve the activity, as well as the permanent updating of the individual information of employees for future references.